Technology Connections
The development of thematic units is an effective use of planning time that can increase the amount of class time spent on concepts, and promote greater learning and transfer. There are many benefits to using thematic units, including:
  • increased student interest levels
  • compacting the curriculum
  • effective use of technology
  • utilization of interdisciplinary lessons

By developing thematic units that provide students with connections in two or more subject areas, it may seem as though you have additional time. Also, the units help to reinforce the concepts in another subject area. For instance, if you are studying shapes in math class, your art time should include the same shapes and a more in-depth study. Additionally, social studies and science instruction should include those shapes when talking about the landscape, human body, technology, etc. Or, if your students are discussing the destruction of rain forests in South America in science class, student learning should include the geography, the people, and the culture.

Thematic units take time to design and implement, but the time is well spent—especially when you pair with other curriculum areas. The Web sites in our webliography have been selected to help you discover thematic topics and provide you with a basic design for your own thematic units.